I read a blog recently (it might’ve been dlisted) that posted Katy Perry’s new single “Roar” and basically warned readers that we were going to get hooked on the song and then later hate ourselves for getting hooked.

I clicked on the link and listened to the song despite the warning.  I didn’t actually believe I would get hooked on the song.  First of all, I wasn’t a huge Katy Perry fan.  I didn’t go see her movie (WTF?!) and I only listen to her music when I’m drunk ( although I did go on a Katy Perry binge back when I was a karaoke crackhead – but I digress).  Plus, currently I’m all about PINK so I didn’t feel like there was any need to worry about going nuts over “Roar.”

Boy was I wrong.

Well they did warn me, didn’t they?  I tell ya, when I say I couldn’t stop listening to this song I mean I physically could not stop listening to this song.  I played it like 20x in a row when I ran my usual 4 miles at the gym.  And on the drive home, windows down, stuck in traffic on the 5…I still played it over and over again..

I’m starting to believe there’s some kind of hypnotic subliminal message thing happening with this song.  I didn’t even go this nuts over Beyonce’s “Run the World.”  Then again, I’m even less of a Beyonce fan than I am Katy Perry so I guess that makes sense.

Anyway, I think I’m starting to come out of my trance.  Like, I’m able to listen to other music again.  Which is good because I’m in desperate need of new running music.  I’m soooo bored with all of my music.  I’m soooo bored.  I want new workout music.  Good, fast, gets your heart pumping, GOOD music!

So I’m going to do some research and find out what’s out there.  Hopefully, I won’t get sucked into listening to another evil, hypnotic song that puts you in a trance for weeks and forces you to listen to it over and over again while subliminally stuffing secret messages down your throat.

I want clear thoughts when I’m running.  I want to imagine the horizon or the finish line…or London when I’m running.  I don’t want to run 4 miles and then when the machine stops not be able to remember actually running those 4 miles.

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating.  I’m not knocking Katy Perry (although seriously WTF, a movie?!) her song is really cute and positive and there are some biblical messages going on in there which I can appreciate.  So if you haven’t heard “Roar” go check it out.

I actually bought the single…I never do that.  I’m telling you…there’s something about that song…


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