Daily Prompt: Break Ups

I had the same bank for about ten years…

I was happy with them for a long time.  Never had any real issues or complaints.  But then I moved across country and all of a sudden all hell broke loose.  There was just one mishap after another and I began to grow frustrated.  I tried to keep my patience – I did not want to start over at another bank.  I did not want to leave this bank.  But the issues kept rolling in.

I don’t really remember what the issues were but whenever I would call customer service about it I would end up with seriously rude persons who didn’t know what the trouble was or how to resolve it.  (Customer service, especially in Los Angeles is absolutely horrific.  Just….there are no words.)  One time I asked for a supervisor at this bank and when she got on the line she was even more rude than the customer service representative.  It was just terrible.  That was pretty much the staw that broke the camel’s back.  (I’m talking about Citibank by the way – it’s not secret.  They suck.)

Anyway, after that last encounter I finally said “enough is enough” and I closed my account.  I hadn’t wanted to do it – I hate starting over.   I was so used to being with Citibank but it had to be done.  Now I’m with a new financial institution and even sorting out minor issues all the way over in London has been easy breezy.

Same thing went for my relationships with T-mobile and Sprint.  Once customer service turned to crap I left without a backwards glance.  I still hate starting over….I’m still mad at Verizon for lying to me about not doing credit checks but at least I’m (mostly) happy with the service.  (Seriously guys, Verizon lies about not doing a credit check.  They put it in writing, the no contract phones means no credit check.  But they still do it.  They lie.)  But I guess every relationship can’t be perfect.

Anyway, my point is, I have a tough time letting go and moving on.  That’s with people, places, banks, telephone services.  And especially cities.  I guess I just hate being ‘the New Girl.’  I hate having to learn something new all over again – I had the same Blackberry phone for the longest time because I was too stubborn to learn how to use an Android.  But I finally got over that.  Because I finally reached my limit.  Once it’s time to say goodbye, once I’m totally fed up with terrible customer service or toxic friendships or an environment in general, once I reach that point – I am able to finally cut the chord.

One of the pros of leaving and starting over is there’s a new adventure to be had.  It can be scary (which is a major con) and you don’t know what the outcome will be (another major con) but I think if you’re looking for something better- if you believe you deserve better – than the pros outweigh the cons every time.

I guess I have to remember that in order to go after a new life (a better life) I have to let go of the old one…if that makes any sense.

Daily Prompt

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