Daily Prompt: Rain, Not Thunder

My sleeping habits change up every few years.  

I used to leave the TV on all night.  Then I started sleeping with my earbuds and listening to music.  Now I need pitch black in order to sleep and a couple of months ago I started using a noise machine that plays the sound of rain.

I’m out like a light when that rain starts up  and I usually wake up refreshed.  Well, to be honest, I take a little while to wake up.  I don’t jump out of bed ready to face the day.  I need a few shots of espresso first.  But I do feel rested when I use a noise machine.

Something about the sound of rain relaxes me and right before slipping into dreamland I imagine I’m jumping in puddles or twirling my umbrella or something cheesy like that.

I like the sound of rain.  I love rain, period.

But I won’t get a wink of sleep if I hear thunder.

The sound of thunder does not relax me.  Neither does the sound of someone snoring.  I could take sleeping pills and wear earplugs and still won’t be able to sleep through someone’s snoring.  Trust me, I’ve tried.  Nothing works.

I’m told that I actually snore (but I don’t believe it!) so maybe I shouldn’t make such a big stink of it.  I mean, I get it, snoring is a natural sound.  It just happens automatically for some people – especially when they are in a deep sleep and are especially exhausted…

But it robs me of my sleep.  And it overpowers my noise machine, which is a total bummer….I need the soft, peaceful patter of rain to lull me to sleep.

Thunder…or rather, Snoring…simply won’t do.

Daily Prompt


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