Daily Prompt: Paying the Bills

Find a Job You Love

In this economy I know I should be grateful to be employed….and I’m happy to be able to pay my bills yada yada yada..

But do I have a job that makes me do my “happy dance” when I get out of bed in the morning?  No.

But I don’t hate my job.

I like the environment (when there are no customers acting like a-holes) and I like most of the people that I work with.  I work in customer service.  As someone who likes engaging with other people and likes to smile (when I’m genuinely in the mood, not when people need to feel comfortable, sorry but I do have resting bitch-face syndrome) you’d think Customer Service would be a dream job for me.  But it’s not.  And that’s because customers who get impatient because they have to wait in line and get pissy when things don’t go their way or  complain about the prices of items like I OWN the friggin store can be a real drag.

Just yesterday I have to suppress my laughter at this woman who asked if we had wrapping paper and when I pointed her in the direction of the wrapping paper she looked put out and said, “Oh.  I thought someone else could do that.  But Ok I’ll do it.”  like…WTF are you thinking?  Get your own wrapping paper you entitled B*tch.  How the hell does “someone else” know what kind of wrapping paper you want?

People are crazy.

Working in Customer Service is a trip.  Customers really walk in there thinking that the employees are uneducated or just beneath them so they treat us like crap.  Some of my strangest interactions have been with customers who are Black men (sorry but it’s true) especially when those Black men arrive with women or families that aren’t Black.  Like, they expect me to have an opinion or a reaction to that.

Brother, I don’t care who you’re banging.  I really and truly don’t.  You’re bald….

But yeah.  My job drives me crazy when I actually have to do it.  But I don’t drag my feet going in.  And I don’t think the job itself is soul-destroying.  If anything, it builds character.

So I have to mentally prepare myself before going to work.  I really have to psych myself up.

“This is the day that some amazing benefactor will recognize my talents and offer me a job that will more effectively utilize those talents.”

You never know what people will say or do that could affect your day, mood, spirit.  But I guess that’s how it is in anything.  Whenever you have to engage with someone you never know what you’re going to get.

Still….got my fingers crossed that I’ll have my dream job soon.

Any day now…

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