Back On The Treadmill

The plan was to ease myself back into my workout routine.  

I didn’t want to do too much too fast too soon and end up hurting myself.  So last night was  supposed to be weights, abs and pushups.  But I couldn’t resist a quick  run on the treadmill, my first run in three weeks.

So I’m a little sore today…but the ache in my muscles and especially my abs is well worth it.

And it’s nice to get back to an old routine.

I was next to a girl on the treadmills and we literally did the same stretches at the same time right before we both started our run.  I’m sure she didn’t notice because not everyone is acutely aware of every little thing happening around them like me.  We were unintentionally in sync, which was kind of cool because it felt like I was being welcomed back into the running circle.  The prodigal daughter returneth…or something…

Whatever, maybe it means my three week hiatus didn’t put me that far behind.  I was walking everywhere while I was in London…

Maybe I will still do this 10K after all…



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