Hitting My Stride

Last night I ran 5 miles at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

I was only going to run 4 miles but then something happened at around mile 2 – I hit my stride.

And I just kept running.

It was a nice feeling.  Running in between pockets of light and shadow.  Kanye West’s “Power” blasting in my ears.  The cool night air on my face.

I think I’m starting to prefer outdoor night runs to running on the treadmills first thing in the morning.  Maybe I’m just feeling good about myself because I got through those five miles.  Maybe I’m just in the mood to change things up a bit while I continue on this fitness journey.  Whose to say.

Anyway, it’s a little less than a month before my birthday.  I’m trying to reach a specific goal and come May 14th I will let you know if I reached it.  Right now I’m excited because I’m starting a 10 Day Gluten Free Challenge.  Today is officially Day 1.  If all goes well I may extend it to 30 Days.  Which means no beer for 30 Days…Eep!

But I’m excited.  I had fun today shopping for gluten free food products.  I tried Gluten Free pasta tonight for the first time and I really liked it.  So..yeah…let’s see how this goes.

Fingers Crossed.


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