Halfway Through 2014 | Checking In

I applied to a University in London and was accepted into their Graduate Media Communications program!

I’m happy and nervous and still trying to figure out how I’m going to raise the money to get back to London but for now mostly giving myself a pat on the back.

Yay!  London!  Grad school!  Woo! 

Since we’re in the month of June and halfway through 2014 I thought I’d do a half-year assessment and see what else I’ve accomplished so far…

For reference, here is my Bucket List (Reference)

1. Go to London

2. Get a Tattoo

3. Get My Master’s Degree

4. Get a Hobby/Learn a New Craft

5. Write A Book

6. Shoot Another Short Film

7. Develop/Produce a new web series

8. Go Back To London

9. Get Published

10. Book A Role

I still have a long way to go as indicated by my Youtube video and my updated Bucket List.  I don’t expect to get it all done in 2014 but there are steps that I can take now to ensure I get those other items checked off my list.  That ‘To Do’ list is pretty massive and I’m slowing getting through it.

How’s your year going?


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