Waking Up Grumpy | Work It Out

You’d think with a name like ‘Dawn’ I’d be a morning person.


Actually, I’m a night owl.  And I’m a total grumpster when I wake up.    I used to be pretty good about at least being cordial to my roommates or boyfriends or family (whomever I happen to be living with at whatever point in time) but lately, as I creep into my 30s (at a snail’s pace, ya’ll.  At a snail’s pace) I’m having a harder time just saying “Good morning” without snarling.


It’s not until I splash water on my face and take that first sip of coffee that I can even carry on a halfway decent conversation.

Today was no exception.  I woke up early, made a kale-apple-pineapple smoothie, watched the news, made my fusion waters (lemon,mint,cucumber and lemon,mint,cucumber and ginger) and after doing all that was still super grumpy.

Fusion Water (Cucumber/Lemon/Mint) and Pineapple/Kale/Apple Smoothie

I finally decided to go to the gym.

There’s something about putting on my workout clothes and picking up my Ipod that flips a switch in mind.  I can plan to workout, I can look at my dumbbells or watch a Blogilates video and tell myself, “I’m going to work out today” but it’s not until I actually put on those clothes and lace up those sneakers (Dear God I need new sneakers!!!) that I suddenly turn into this super motivated Amazon woman who thinks she’s going to run a marathon.

There’s nothing wrong with Delusions of Grandeur.

Can I just say I had a really good workout today.  I chose a treadmill next to two people (a fit Black woman and a cute boy) and used them as my motivation (“competition) and I ran 5 miles.  Then I did another half hour of pilates.  I was sweating and gasping and I felt like crying at end (as usual) but I burned off over 600 calories today.


And you know what?  When I was finished I was no longer grumpy.  I felt exhilarated actually.  I felt really friggin’ amazing.

On the drive home I blasted Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” and Thirty Seconds to Mars’s “City of Angels” (I Love You, Jared Leto!) and I sang at the top of my lungs.

It didn’t bother me that other drivers were staring at me.  It didn’t bother me when some entitled driver leaned on his horn after I cut him off – yeah, I cut you off sucka because I was merging and you saw me and you sped up like a jerk so go for it, lean on your horn I’m still singing!!!

The second you start to feel joy the vultures will pounce.  But you can’t let them steal your day, your moment, your happiness.

Point of this post is – when you’re feeling grumpy or blue or anxious – go workout.  It really helps.  And I know it feels impossible to go from zero energy to suddenly running 5 miles but take baby steps.  Push yourself to do the thing that flips the switch in your brain.  For me, it’s putting on my gym clothes, lacing up those sneakers (old as dirt sneakers, I seriously need to go shopping) and grabbing my Ipod.

Once I do that I’m good to go.

I’m going to post pics soon – my body is toning up.  I’m starting to see some definition again and I’ve lost 10lbs since May.  I’m very happy.  I still have a long way to go but I’m doing this No Soda/Candy/Fast Food Challenge with Healthy Hair Journey and even though there’s suddenly CANDY EVERYWHERE I’m still going strong.  I’m also blogging about my fitness journey (plus Movie Reviews) over at Trials N Tresses!  Check ’em out!

Now I get to celebrate with coffee.



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