Common Black Girl | Common White Girl Tag

In lieu of doing two separate videos for these tags I just thought I’d combine them into one.

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  1. Haha this crackled me up. I get told I’m white every time I tell people I don’t eat meat. They always seem to follow up with ‘…but…. Chicken? ‘. And I’m there like…. Yup, that’s still meat.


    1. Lol that’s hilarious! It still bogles my mind the things people say. Glad we’re learning to take it in stride and not let it get to us. Thanks for watching!!


  2. […] Dawn Melissa mixed it up for us over on her blog and YouTube channel with the Common Black Girl / Common White Girl tag. The questions showcase the stereotypes surrounding skin colour but is done in quite a humorous way with the exception of one question. I’ve been being told I’m a ‘coconut’ or a ‘malteser’ by friends and family for years but just because I don’t act a certain way, it doesn’t make me any less black than the next (black) person……. – It cracked me up watching Dawn’s answers and have been searching YouTube for others since. Here’s my response! […]


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