100 Days of Happy

Happy Sunday!


My 100 Days of Happy starts today!

I was inspired to do this challenge by the lovely Andrea Lewis.  After watching her video I finally decided it was time to give this a try.

I was hesitant to try this challenge because as I mentioned before, I struggle with depression so it’s a constant battle to get it up in the morning – if you know what I mean. Because of that part of me almost feels like this 100 Days of Happy challenge is a personal affront to me.  But of course that’s just my neurotic side rearing its ugly head. Haha.

I feel like I’m going to struggle with this challenge.  But I also feel like it won’t be easy for many people.  Not because they struggle with depression too but because for the next 100 days we really have to find something that makes us happy every single day and post a picture of that moment either on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

I’ve decided to post my happy moments on Instagram for those interested.

I won’t let the fear of failure keep me from attempting this challenge.  It’s also  comforting to know that I won’t be the only one struggling with it.  So many other people are joining in and whether being happy comes easy to them or not- we’re all fighting for our happiness.  

So I don’t care how hard it gets I’m not giving up on myself (like I did with that squat challenge, murrr…)  I’m going to see this challenge through to the end.

It’s called a challenge for a reason.  So- yeah.  Here we go.

Wish me luck!

p.s. Don’t forget to check out my new blog That Former Sidekick Girl.  New post, “Unbox Yourself | Reject the Labels” is up now! Follow me on BLOGLOVIN!


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