The Last Harrah!

The diet starts this week.

IMG_20141025_203235865That means all these delicious foods that I love to eat will have to go away for awhile.  At least for the next six weeks.  Once we get into the Christmas Season it will be impossible not to be bad and eat everything in sight.  So from now until then I will be on my best behavior.  Since I won’t be in the States for Thanksgiving that’s one less Holiday full of yummy foods I’ll get to avoid-at least this year.

Anyway it was the last harrah this weekend.  I let myself go crazy with a mini chocolate and ice cream binge in addition to some of my favorite foods.  Friday night I had prawn fried rice at Busaba with some schoolmates.  The company was great.  The food tasted yummy at the time but I woke up in the wee early hours feeling sick to my stomach – so I guess I won’t be going back to Busaba for awhile.

Saturday night was Vietnamese with the Italians.  Once again good food and company.  The restaurant was a bit cramped and very loud.  And after we’d been seated for a good ten minutes the waiter came over and asked us to move so that he could break up the table we were at into two for a new party that had arrived.  That was only mildly annoying.  Also, he seemed distracted the whole time.  I get that it was busy but I kind of wanted him to figure out a way to tune out the noise and focus on one table at a time.  Anyway, the food was decent.  I had a lamb curry with egg fried rice.

Sunday morning I got up and made pancakes from scratch again.  This time I added bananas and blueberries and boy were those puppies yummy!  I must admit I burned the bacon a bit but to be fair I never said I was great at making bacon.  I will surely miss pancakes and sausage and bacon and syrup these next six weeks.


Sunday night there was a BBQ and I had more yummy sausages and hamburgers.  Surprisingly I didn’t drink as much as I thought I would.  Probably because I’d eaten so much food.  But I did allow myself two cups of soda.  It was Coke Life.  I have no idea what Coke Life was supposed to be but it tasted good.


Now the fun part begins.  Salads and protein shakes and bootcamps.

Let’s see how I do these next six weeks.

Wish me luck!


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