Traverse Events

Instead of going to any Halloween parties I attended a very fun networking event with Traverse Events.

It was a bit of a scramble getting there- I got lost – but eventually I found my way to the Doubletree Hotel and was handed a glass of champagne when I arrived.  I felt right at home.

It took me a couple of minutes to work up the nerve to actually join the party.  I’m still trying to get the hang of networking and meeting new people.  I’m a bit shy when it comes to make the first move.  This is probably why I haven’t met a ton of new people at my school.  So at first I was kind of lurking around the cookie tables sipping on my champagne and not really interacting with anyone.  It took another blogger’s encouraging smile to get me to finally get in the game.

Traverse Events Traverse Events

Once Sian arrived though everything got easier.  I met a bunch of people, followed several new bloggers and even managed to try out the photobooth.  I didn’t win any raffle prizes but I did get to try my first Pim’s drink.  It was yummy!

Looking forward to more Traverse Events!



  1. Glad you’re enjoying yourself and meeting people, but remember Study study and study some more!!! Love you.


  2. It was my first Pimms too! It was s fun night thanks for inviting me. Elder Grace, please don’t worry too much I also want Dawn to do well in school and I’ll make sure I can help her in any way. (Not just in social situations.)


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