No New Resolutions!

It’s 2015 in London!

Spent my Christmas in Italy and got back to London just in time to say goodbye to 2014.  My New Year started with an empty refrigerator, no electricity and lentils at midnight.  But Happy friggin’ New Year!

After the longest commute from Gatwick airport I arrived home to find that the electricity had run out so I had to light candles to see my way around.  It was kind of cool, if not slightly creepy.  The part of me that still enjoys scary movies thought about the possibility of a stranger lurking in the dark waiting to pounce and for a thrilling moment I was a little bit afraid.  Then the electricity came back on and my scary movie moment was over.  I took a couple of minutes to empty the fridge because all the food had gone bad.  Then at 11:59pm I counted down to midnight and ate lentils.  Fingers crossed for a super prosperous year!

For the first time since the age of 16 I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions.  So when March comes around I won’t have any resolutions to break – Yay!  I also didn’t end the year in a bar or totally drunk, which means tomorrow I won’t be hungover.  Also, I didn’t watch the NYC ball drop on TV.  I did, however, watch the London Eye fireworks on TV, which was a nice change of pace.

I thought I’d feel a little bummed about not going out for New Year’s but it turns out my quiet, sober night indoors was just what I needed to start my year off right.  How you start the year is how you’ll end it, right?  (Maybe that’s not entirely true since last year I was definitely hungover on New Year’s Day.)

Anyway, I don’t know if any of these changes will make a difference in my 2015 but I’m looking forward to seeing what the New Year brings.  Somehow I have a good feeling about it.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

How you start the year is how you’ll end it…

happynewyearI vaguely recall saying that to a stranger at the bar just minutes before midnight.  She was in her 30s but she looked 20 and I thought I was giving her sound advice regarding her ex-boyfriend.

I’d already had 4 drinks and two other people I didn’t know offered to buy me drinks.  I accepted both and gave one to my date.  Then the countdown started and champagne was passed around and everything got really blurry after that.

Somehow we got home safe and sound but I woke up to a terrible hangover and almost no memory of the last night of 2013.

Not a good start for 2014.

But it was a fun night.  And even though it was a rough way to start a new year I’ve decided that it does not represent what my year will be like.  I will not drink and party way too much and eat hangover food and get distracted and sidetracked.  This is the year that I stay focused.

People have been saying “good things are going to happen for you this year” since I was a child.  I thought I was special until I realized it’s just something people say at the end of a year.  I still liked hearing it though.

Anyway, good things will happen for me this year.  2014 will be an amazing year.

Happy New Year everyone!