Minor Setbacks & Winter Wonderland

I’ve fallen behind on my blogs and it’s not because of midterms or essays or presentations.  Media Communication majors didn’t have midterm exams this time around, which was a relief.  I submitted my first essay of 1000 words and my presentation about the history and process of dubbing and subtitling was not only done with two other people who shared the workload but it was a blast.  So it wasn’t school that kept me from sticking to my weekly schedule.  It was me.

I had a troublesome couple of weeks and I let that get in the way of my experiencing London.  It started when I opened a bank account at Barclays.  My debit card was immediately stolen and funds were stolen from my brand new account.  Instead of handling the situation like professionals the people at Barclays lost their minds.  They kept transferring me to different departments and each person that I spoke too was ruder than the last.  At least by the end of it, after I wrote a letter of complaint to the CEO of Barclays of course, I was able to get my stolen money back PLUS an additional £100 for the drama these ridiculous customer service reps caused me.  So that felt like a small victory.

Where school is concerned, I just have to remember that every institution has its good and bad parts.  My campus is gorgeous.  Every time I get to school I have a breathtaking view of the building and the surrounding property and it’s just awesome.  Unfortunately, some of the people who work at my school don’t have the best attitudes.  They pass the buck a lot.  They say inappropriate things like, “that’s above my pay grade” when asked questions they really should be able to answer.  

But again these are small, insignificant moments.  They don’t really matter and I shouldn’t have let them get in the way of enjoying my first six weeks in London.  Setbacks happen.  People will make life difficult either intentionally or simply because they don’t know any better.  I can’t let that stop me from doing what I need to do.  It’s my job to deal with these setbacks and shove on.

So I’m back.  Here are some bright spots I’ve had over the past couple of weeks.

While looking for the Student Union office, I got lost and somehow wound up in the Film/TV department.  I met some of the teachers and actually got to spend some time with the undergrads as they rehearsed their TV studio project.  It was just like old times – I was even put to work and got to be the floor manager for a bit – except these undergrads were so serious.  I was so impressed with how focused everyone was.  When I was a freshman at NYU I was laughing and goofing off and flirting with my classmates so much it’s a wonder I managed to learn anything.  Ah well, we all have our paths.

Andrea had his birthday party at the Blue’s Kitchen.  We ate a ton of BBQ and drank Prosecco while a live band played some of my favorite blues music.  It was loud and super crowded and I’d made the mistake of wearing heels but boy did I love my dress.

Black Dress

It’s a Mia Plunge Neck Bodycon Midi from Boohoo.com and I’m officially addicted to shopping that site.  Up until now I never thought I could wear bodycon but that’s all changed now.  In fact, I’ve already put three more bodycon dresses on my wishlist.

I also went to Winter Wonderland.  The beer was nice as were the giant Bratwursts.  Actually, the bratwurst was my favorite part of the whole day.  Yum!


tree clock

Hopefully it’ll be a little colder next time I go so that I can enjoy my first mulled wine experience.  But for a first time around, Winter Wonderland was pretty magical.  It definitely helped me get into the Holiday spirit.

After our visit to Winter Wonderland we stopped by Harrods to check out their Christmas window displays.

Harrodsstrings Santa rocking horse merrygoroundPrincess

Which brings us to Thanksgiving.  My first Thanksgiving in another country was interesting.  First of all, as I am not particularly homesick, I didn’t feel the need to actually celebrate Thanksgiving.  But Andrea wanted to celebrate as he’s never participated in Thanksgiving festivities so I finally agreed.

We made baked macaroni, fried chicken, cornbread from scratch and some other delicious fixings and invited a few friends over for dinner.  It was nice.  Even though I got a migraine, argued with Andrea about how to fry the chicken and discovered that the stuffing in the UK is VERY different from the stuffing I’m used to eating – I don’t regret hosting the meal.  I did, however, miss having a turkey and apple pie though.  Ah well.  Maybe next year.

One really cool thing that came out of the event was this gravy boat which, for some reason, Andrea insisted on buying.


I’ve never had a gravy boat before.  At home, whenever we made gravy for the mashed potatoes we just left it in the pot and spooned it directly onto the mashed potatoes.  This was a new experience for me and I rather enjoyed it.  It made celebrating Thanksgiving in another country that much more special.  I also really liked how seriously Andrea took the tradition despite it not being part of his culture.

Next up is a Christmas dinner, which will feature a turkey plus Secret Santa so I’m really looking forward to that.  Today I’m going to go buy what I think will be the perfect gift for the person to whom I will be Secret Santa.  Then it’s off to the museum for the rest of the day.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend so far!




I hate to admit it but the Holidays usually bum me out.


TurkeyNot because I’m alone but because my memory of Holidays past still haunt me.  I didn’t have the type of Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations depicted in some of my favorite TV shows growing up – and to this day I still hate when TV shows do Holiday specials (with the exception of Halloween, of course).


As an adult- with no children to focus on (yet) I’m just left to deal with the harsh reality that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just regular days.  I don’t feel any different today than I did yesterday.  And tomorrow I’ll have to remind myself that today was, in fact, Thanksgiving Day.  I guess I get annoyed and a teensy bit jealous when I go online and see everyone else doing their Holiday thang.  I don’t know how they’re able to get caught up in the excitement of it all- even though it’s all fake and temporary and sometimes a little bit forced and overkill- try as I might- I can’t seem to ‘get it up’.



Oh one day I’ll put on the show- when I have kids.  I’ll cook a big feast, we’ll say Grace and watch a little bit of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  And at Christmas we’ll all exchange gifts and feel so “grateful” because that’s what you do.  You make the day special create traditions that your young, innocent children can pass on to their children.  One day the Holidays won’t bum me out.






I don’t mean to sound ungrateful or sarcastic or unhappy.  But if I do- oh well.  It’s not really my job to be ‘happy’ and ‘thankful’ just because we’ve all decided today is the day that we put forth the extra effort to be better versions of ourselves.  At least I’m not as bad as I used to be.  I used to slip into an all out depression when the Holidays came around (much to the dismay of my boyfriend) but now I buck up and I push through it.  Sometimes I even smile.


Today I’m going to a friend’s for dinner…and then I’ll work overnight because I work in retail and this is where I am in life.  But I am thankful.  I’m thankful that I have a mom and a boyfriend/best friend who love me unconditionally.  I’m thankful to still have some friends who make space for me at their dinner table.  And of course I’m thankful to be alive and healthy.


But I’m thankful for that everyday.  Not just today.

But yeah…Happy Thanksgiving 🙂