Fabulous Healthy Dinners

I don’t have to cook much so I can’t take credit for these amazing dishes.  Follow my instagram @Dawn_Melissa for more healthy dishes.

Salmon, Pak choy, Kale, avocado
grilled chicken
Grilled chicken & roasted veggies
stir fry
Steak stir fry
Mackerel, Sweet potatoes, Kale

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring.  I recently had a delicious homemade brunch of toast, beans, avocado, scrambled egg whites and – get this- meatfree sausage.  I didn’t get to take any pics but trust me it was delicious.  So yum.  Sooooo yum!!!

I think I’m starting to love food again.

All New Things

I anticipated taking on a lot of new things when I moved to London. LondonPaying almost double for a grande Americano at Starbucks was one I was prepared for.  Cleaning Day was not.  But when you live in a shared space compromise plays an important part of establishing a healthy, happy living environment.  So it looks like my cleaning day falls on Saturdays.

Still doing the healthy eating thing.  It actually hasn’t been as challenging as I thought it would be.  The past week I’ve eaten the most delicious healthy homemade meals all for about £4 each.  I had to get creative because London is expensive and I have to pinch pennies (pences?) if I’m going to survive.  So far I think I’m doing OK.  The biggest challenge is finding healthy snacks to eat and resisting the cookies and cakes that I’m always craving.  But at least as far as the meals are concerned, I don’t have to worry too much about doing the actual cooking.  Yay!  I will do a post about a week of fabulous healthy dinners soon.

I had my first official week of classes and I think I’m really going to enjoy this first semester.  I’m still job and internship hunting.  My social life seems to be picking up as well.  Bowling was a lot of fun.  Also went to the cinema for the first time.  Did you know they don’t serve butter for your popcorn in movie theaters??  I was appalled.  But at least I know for next time that I have my choice between sweet or salty popcorn.

Because of workload and job/internship hunt I may have to scale back to weekly blogs for now because things are getting busy.

But I think it’s a good problem to have.

Outfit of the Day (#OOTD)

Shirt – Forever 21

Faux Leather Skirt – Forever 21

Tights – Primark

Blazer – Primark

Sunglasses – Michael Kors

Post Workout Sweat (And Tears)

wpid-img_20140521_123354.jpgI’m slowly getting back into working out regularly and eating right.  My ongoing weight-loss journey continues…

I know I’m always starting my weight-loss blog entries with “I’m getting back into this.”  It’s a bummer that I keep letting myself down when I fall off the wagon but at least I do get back on that horse and I try again, right?  (I know I’m combining different analogies here but you get what I’m saying) 

I did four Cassey Ho Blogilates videos in lieu of running at the gym.  I worked on my abs, legs, arms & back and butt (tee hee) and it hurt the entire time.

A funny thing happens when you’re pushing yourself through a tough workout.  Your thoughts start to wander, you sweat profusely and, if you’re a sensitive little thing like me, you may start to cry.

To be clear, when I say “cry” I don’t mean break down into hysterical tears in the middle of my workout like a crazy person.  I mean, cry like in that way you do when you’re pushing through something and no matter what you’re going to get through it.  Like childbirth.  Or a hotdog eating contest.  Or life, in general.  I wasn’t in tremendous pain – I could definitely feel the burn but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle physically.  I just needed to cry my way through it a little bit.  And you know what?  I got through the damn workout.

Oh it’s such a simple metaphor for life.  I may have some tough, tear-filled nights that I’ll have to continue to sweat through but come hell or high water I will get through them.  (Yay! Breakthrough!)

(In my defense, I really must say that Cassey Ho’s workouts are ridiculously hard so I’m sure a lot of people have cried through them.  Confess your tears in the comments below!)


Back On The Treadmill

The plan was to ease myself back into my workout routine.  

I didn’t want to do too much too fast too soon and end up hurting myself.  So last night was  supposed to be weights, abs and pushups.  But I couldn’t resist a quick  run on the treadmill, my first run in three weeks.

So I’m a little sore today…but the ache in my muscles and especially my abs is well worth it.

And it’s nice to get back to an old routine.

I was next to a girl on the treadmills and we literally did the same stretches at the same time right before we both started our run.  I’m sure she didn’t notice because not everyone is acutely aware of every little thing happening around them like me.  We were unintentionally in sync, which was kind of cool because it felt like I was being welcomed back into the running circle.  The prodigal daughter returneth…or something…

Whatever, maybe it means my three week hiatus didn’t put me that far behind.  I was walking everywhere while I was in London…

Maybe I will still do this 10K after all…


Week One (10K Training)

Technically I’ve completed 1 1/2 weeks of training for this upcoming 10K.  I started last Wednesday instead of Monday and decided to repeat the first week’s training schedule instead of moving on to week 2.

Now I’m on track – going to the gym everyday except today, which is again, REST DAY.  Oh I am loving rest day.  First of all, it’s an earned day of rest.  I worked my butt off this week.  Running 2-3 miles at the gym or around the reservoir and doing strength training.  Don’t even get me started on the ab workouts and no sweets or alcohol….oh I am a champion right now.

I’ve even lost 2 lbs.  My goal is to lose 20lbs by the time the 10K comes around so I guess 18 more lbs to go.   Even though it would be amazing to lose those 20lbs I’m really more focused on toning up and training so that I can complete the 10K.

Last night it took every bit of energy to run 3 miles within 40 minutes.  So for now that’s the time to beat.  And next week (week 2) I guess I’ll have to start running 3.5-4 miles according to the training schedule.

So things are about to get a little tougher.

But I can handle it.

My first 10K

I started training for my first 10K this week.

Today is a rest day.  I’m looking forward to it but at the same time I don’t want to get too comfortable.  It’s hard for me to stay motivated to go to the gym.  Even if it is a New Year and I’ve got all these new resolutions and my determination to lose weight and get in shape is renewed – I still need to push myself just to lace up my trainers.

But once I hit the treadmill I’m all in.

And after the grunting and panting and sweating and after doing leg lifts and leg presses and blasting Beyonce in my ears for an hour – I feel relieved that I didn’t talk myself out of it.  I kind of like that I have this inner battle going on every morning with myself.  It sucks in the moment because it always looks like my lazy side will beat out my motivated side but then when the scale tips in my motivated side’s favor it’s all good.  I’m not a total lost cause.

Anyway, Week 1 down – 11 more to go.