Who’s That Former Side Kick Girl?


My name has been pronounced so many different ways I’ve lost count.

“Don” “Dorn” “Darn” “Dorny” “Dawnster” “Dawny” – however you like is fine with me.

I’m a Former Side Kick Girl.

I was the Girl-Next-Door you never noticed until now.  I was probably the best friend of the girl you lusted after or the victim of the biggest bully at your local high school, college and musical theater school.  I’m sure I was the girl you either tormented and teased or played mind games with because maybe I had a crush on you.  Yeah, that girl.  Sound familiar?

Now I’m a grown up – or at least trying to be.  As I transition from Side Kick Girl to Leading Lady I’m sharing all my experiences.  Perhaps my stories will serve as a cautionary tale to you or maybe you’ll simply get some amusement out of the crap I go through.  Either way, thanks for reading.

Please check out my new blog at http://thatformersidekickgirl.com

Or follow both my blogs at http://Bloglovin.com/dawnmelissa

I want to connect with as many other people as possible who’ve been through that phase of standing on the sidelines (and in the shadows of other people) and are ready to step into the spotlight.

I also do Video Blogs on Youtube where I act out all the parts ——> Go Here!


One Comment

  1. Hi Dawn what is the best email to reach you. Would like to invite you to a twerkout master class!


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